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6:37 a.m. - 2009-03-05
- Tinker Bell
I'm having a girl!!!! I went for my ultra sound on tuesday and there she was in all her glory, legs spread wide open as if she was posing for playboy. I am so happy even tho I really didn't care what sex it was one way or the other. We still haven't picked out a name or anything but there are a few dancing around in my head.

Work is going a little bit better, I was almost on the verge of filing a complaint against the eye roller but all of a sudden her attitude has taken an about face. I still don't understand what got into her but I'm grateful for the attitude change. Maybe she saw that I was about ready to open a can of whoop ass on her.

The family seems excited that I'm having a girl. I am going to be going on a serious shopping spree this weekend. Now that I know what I'm having J and I are going to start painting the baby's room soon and I think we are going to go with a very pale yellow color. J has called her tinker bell since tuesday so I guess the poor baby has a nickname already.

I better get off of here and start getting ready for work..Yay




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